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Towel warmers Prices

The prices of the Caleido towel warmers vary, depending on the piece you choose and, above all, they are based on the specific requirements of each customer. The parameters taken into account for determining the prices of the Caleido towel warmers are, of course, many, since they are objects which, in addition to their functional value, offer exquisite workmanship together with a unique taste in the choice of the design

To simplify the matter, one of the most important variables to determine the cost of a towel warmer is definitely the size: according to space and heating requirements, as well as thanks to the enormous variety of furnishing solutions at our customers' disposal, we propose a variety of solutions.

The number of the elements which make up the towel warmer is also important for the evaluation of the cost of the product, for which apply the same considerations made for the size: the need to install larger objects or, in this case, more complex ones, corresponds necessarily to an increase in the price; customization may affect the price of the product as well, without altering its perfect functionality.

Color and finishes are also variables based on which Caleido builds its pricing: there are models such as the Rondine and the Marabù towel warmer, which, like other products, are also available in the chrome version, a solution that inevitably increases the final cost of the towel warmer itself. 

It is then essential to know the type of material used to make a radiator. One of the advantages that Caleido offers its customers is definitely the quality of the materials used to produce and finish the products, whether they are towel warmers, radiators, or bio-fireplaces (Caleido has always used only carbon steel purchased from a certified supply chain).

The possibility of relying on a piece of furniture that guarantees, even over time, perfect and unchanged functionality, a total assurance for those who use the space, and unique beauty of the shapes and colors, is inextricably linked to the certified supply chain which helps Caleido satisfy any needs.

One of the strong points of the Caleido policy and company mission is definitely the central role of market and customers, in all business processes, from listening to the requests, to the attention to the new trends in design, to the careful design, to the accuracy in the realization, and, last but not least, to the customer assistance, both during the initial decision and in the post sale phase.

This centrality is reflected in the value of its products and it contributes to give a more extensive and complex meaning to the calculation of the price, since customers feel they are part of a system where experiences are shared, which goes beyond the sale itself.

Technological innovation, creative research, respect for the environment at every stage of production, and high quality standards, contribute to making Caleido a benchmark for excellence in its field, as well as a good ambassador of the Made in Italy.

To remove all doubt about the prices of the towel warmers and the solution that best suits your needs, Caleido recommends you purchase its products from its selected retail stores, which can assist the customers at every stage, starting from the design, as well as advice them for the most suitable product according to everyone's needs and develop an economic proposal in line with every budget.