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Mixed radiators

One of the main features of the Caleido radiators, in this case mixed radiators, is definitely the high technological build. This is a topic that may seem complex, but, at the same time, it is important for those who decide to choose Caleido as their supplier and understand the advantages give by these objects.

First, the idea underlying the way the Caleido radiators are designed, responds to the most common needs of each customer, whether a private consumer who wants to furnish their home, or a commercial stand: the ease of installation and the flexibility in adapting the products to every situation.

Before choosing your radiator and purchasing it based on furnishing needs, you should not overlook a very important technical step: the actual capacity of a radiator to heat the environment - the main feature of each Caleido piece - is determined by a proper study, called 'sizing study'.

Whatever the situation you operate in, in fact, you should have an accurate idea of ​​the sizing of the radiators, to ensure adequate energy capacity, even before power capacity.

The best solution is to rely on a serious and qualified technical studio. This way, all the variables needed to determine the most suitable choice for your environment will be taken into account, safeguarding energy expenditure, money savings, and ecological impact.

The exposure of the walls, the thermal insulation of the building, the external cladding, the position of the radiators, the sizing of the pumps and piping, are only some of the important parameters that allow, if measured correctly, to route each customer towards the choice of a radiator that best suits their needs.

Caleido radiators meet strict design and construction parameters and they are all pressure tested in a water tank (5 or 10 atmospheres, depending on whether they use round or flat tubes). Once tested, the radiators are ready for the painting, and then a series of processes is carried out (they are washed, phosphated, defatted, and then epoxy-painted).

After the painting, the radiators are again subjected to careful quality control and subsequent packaging.

The Caleido radiators can be used in the hydraulic, electric or mixed version.


The aim is to meet the most diverse needs, always taking into careful consideration the fact that each country has specific characteristics from the installation point of view and in the energy sector.

The mixed radiators' characteristics are similar to those of the electric and hydraulic radiators.

The advantage of a mixed system is that the heater is connected to the boiler in winter, while in spring and autumn (when the boiler is off) the heater can be turned on electrically to get the required warmth in the bathroom before taking a shower or to heat the towels.

A mixed system is provided with a holder for the water outlet, as well as with a valve for the water inlet, in order to allow hydraulic operation when the classic heating system is in operation. The water inlet valve is sometimes positioned upstream of the temperature controller, via the installation of a three-way connection.

When the boiler is switched off, the radiator may be powered by the electrical resistor, keeping in mind to close the holder for the water outlet, but at the same time to leave the inlet water valve exhaustively open.

These radiators are supplied with a wall mounting kit, blanking plugs, air vent, and a Class I or Class II electrical kit, in accordance with the rules in force in the country of installation.

Valves and fittings are not part of the standard supply: they are accessories to be ordered separately.