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Energy-Saving Radiators and towel warmers - Caleido technology at work

Thanks to their large surface area and excellent thermal output, Caleido radiators and towel warmers are ideal for use in latest-generation low-temperature systems, which are designed for energy saving in heating systems in public and private buildings, and also for use in modern buildings with good thermal insulation, the main aim being to improve their energy efficiency.

Radiators and towel warmers designed by Caleido are the best terminal element for a heating system thanks to their low thermal inertia and the ability to exchange a high percentage of heat by radiation, a guarantee of considerable flexibility in terms of climate management.  They continue to release heat gradually, even when the system is switched off, so the temperature remains at a comfortable level, providing a sense of wellbeing and optimising  energy consumption at the same time.

All Caleido radiators are tested to operate at different ΔTs and achieve a high standard of performance, especially with triple versions, even in low-temperature systems, giving a sharp reduction in both energy costs and environmental impact.

Caleido radiators and towel warmers are perfectly compatible with condensation generators and heat pumps, making them ideal for use in modern heating systems, where reducing consumption and emissions is a must.