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Electric radiators

What is the technology that leads to the great performances of all the Caleido radiators, whether electric, hydraulic or mixed? What is the role of design in the supply chain of the company?

The answers are easily found in the high performance of the Caleido products, in their thermal performance, as well as in their function as furnishing objects.

Caleido pays great attention, in fact, to the design stage of its radiators, because we want to create products that are first of all efficient and functional, using the best production techniques and maintaining a high focus on research and innovation in technology and on the choice of the materials.

This technological precision may seem a contradiction with regards to the vocation of Caleido radiators, points of reference in the market of design and built to meet aesthetic requirements, as well as to provide furniture solutions leading the way internationally.

This apparent contradiction does not really exist: the Caleido mission gives full attention to corporate customers, understood in a broad and modern sense.

Our respect for customers, for example, certainly has to do with a quality proposal from the point of view of the design and "beauty" of the product in the most general sense, but it cannot disregard the efficiency of its technological apparatus.

A beautiful object must necessarily be functional, ensuring maximum performance in terms of heat and offering, to those who enter the environment heated by the Caleido radiators, a complete experience in terms of comfort and sensory satisfaction.

For this reason, the Caleido radiators revisit the traditional role of radiators in an environment, going over the function of efficient sources of heat, and turning them into the authentic symbol of a modern and dynamic life style, also changing the users' perspective with regard to this type of objects.

Beauty and functionality, as mentioned, can coexist only if the production is based on careful planning and technological meticulous attention to detail and, above all, if this feature is perceived and shared by those who choose Caleido.

One of the main characteristics of the Caleido radiators is the flexibility of the system, a feature which allows any type of users to tailor the radiators to their needs, from the technical point of view and based on the arrangement of the furniture.

In order to achieve a perfect installation, from the point of view of thermal efficiency, as well as of the safety, it is necessary to follow some basic rules, especially in the preliminary stage.

The first requirement for achieving a perfect installation is the correct sizing of the radiators, essential if you want to seriously consider the energy savings, not only the power.

The sizing is an important starting point, so you should always consult a technical studio for analyzing the exposure, thermal insulation, dispersant surface, coatings, position of the radiators, sizing of the pipes and pumps: all important and necessary information for a correct and consistent calculation.

Now entering in the specifications of this section, i.e. the electric radiators technology, it is evident that this type of objects differs from the others for the connection to the electrical system, which is carried out during the installation.

The radiators are powered directly at the factory, where we fill them with distilled water (70%) and liquid glycol antifreeze (about 30%).

These radiators are supplied with a wall mounting kit, blanking plugs, and a Class I or Class II electrical kit, in accordance with the rules in force in the country of installation.

They are real closed circuits powered by electricity, and then Caleido recommends to pay attention to the rules in force in the field of electrical installation and use.