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Caleido Radiators: the collections

The Caleido radiators are able to satisfy today's most complex furnishing needs, giving a new meaning to the object-radiator.

Compared to the past, and to the common conception, Caleido revisits the role of the radiator inside the environment, elevating it from a simple source of heat to a point of reference in design and lifestyle.

The Caleido radiators, meet, in fact, the most diverse needs, combining aesthetics and functional efficiency, in a unique and sophisticated customer-oriented paradigm.

Caleido gives voice to the instances of beauty and functionality, imagining a livable and beautiful environment, where design is available to everyone and accessible to those who know how to appreciate it.

Caleido combines the complementary nature of its products, perfectly suited to already structured furniture contexts, enhancing their quality and highlighting new features, with the need to develop its own path of 'democratic design' through the valuable contribution of its designers

The Caleido radiators heat up, furnish, complete, and give beauty to new environments, writing the stages of a long emotional journey

The Caleido radiators, in fact, offer the opportunity to enjoy designer lines and lights, but they can also, if necessary, be simple elements, with an everyday and familiar flavor.The clean lines, as rigorous and reliable as steel, are developed in a very wide range of products and exclusive patents, which can heat any environment, even when there are space problems.
A design that becomes a flexible solution and finds its application in the ability to customize the radiator connections, in order to facilitate the rapid replacement of existing radiators.

The Caleido radiator collections give rise to various and multifunctional solutions, satisfying the most diverse desires, starting from the universal necessity of giving value to beauty and create a warm, comfortable and intensely usable environment.

For this reason, the proposed collections put customers in touch with the required design but, at the same time, put them in the position to immediately understand and navigate the solutions with ease.

The Design Collection radiators have the following mission: making heat vibrate, making it an accomplice to a sophisticated, yet familiar environment, building a place where feelings are amplified, both in terms of the comfort brought by the temperature, and in terms of visual and sensory satisfaction.

In particular, the pieces in the Art Radiator collection were created by the eclectic and refined hands of one of the most interesting figures in international design: Karim Rashid.

His ideas have, in fact, given rise to innovative creations, featuring original and unique shapes and colorful designs, where heat vibrations are the protagonists.

Settings and color patterns have been put in touch with the colors, shaping the matter in harmony, letting the internal and external streams, that flow into the life of each one of us, go through them.

In particular, these models consist of a single steel plate made special by the direct incision on the sheet of particularly vivid graphic figures: a perfect symbiosis of warmth and color.

Dynamic nuances, artistic decorations and fluid scenic projections are the characteristics of the new collection, true heating paintings.

Stylish design is not the only solution offered by Caleido.

  The Classic collection, in fact, meets the simplest and most familiar needs, offering objects that make essentiality, rigor and ability to adapt to any environment, their specific treat.

These radiators complement any environment, leaving room, however, for the reassuring lines typical of classic furnishing.