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Radiators Prices

The prices of Caleido radiators are defined based on a range of variables normally determined by the size of the objects, and the finish they were constructed with.

In general terms, the prices of the radiators are commensurate with the quality of materials and the accuracy of the design, so as to create significant differences in the Caleido catalog, as well as among the proposals of a company and those of another.

Due to its company policy and its belief in its mission, Caleido believes in the necessity to put the market and the customer at the center of its work. For this reason, its proposals are innovative (technologically and creatively), they respect the environment (not only in production stage but also in the design of objects with low environmental impact) and their quality is absolute, so as to have become, in its industry, a company of excellence and an ambassador of the Made in Italy.

In this sense, Caleido becomes the bearer of values that go beyond the simple sale of objects, but it provides precise guarantees on the quality of its production system and modus operandi towards its suppliers, customers, employees and workers.

With regard to the price of the radiators, there is a multiplicity of variables which must be taken into account to estimate the amount of the purchase: for example, we can mention the size, number of elements, color or finish.

Caleido thought of its collection constantly taking into account the needs of the customers: to an offer segmented by price range, the company has preferred to put the customers in a position to choose the right radiator on the basis of specific and real needs, considering the added value given by the elegant and modern design as a key feature of its production, and thus becoming the spokesman of the instances of the 'democratic design' that is the basis of the ideas of international artists such as Karim Rashid (who, not coincidentally, is one of the leading interpreters of the Caleido products, with the 'Art Radiators' collection).

The quality of the design, the firm that designed the radiator, and the collection where the object is placed, are still fundamental variables to determine the price of the radiator, but it is an offer that does nothing but expand the range of choices for each customer and make every purchase a complete emotional experience.

In fact, several are the needs (and budgets) of individuals who want to furnish their home areas, many still are those of the individuals who prefer to add quality and functionality to the environments where they carry out their business, and many more are the needs of large architecture studios who choose Caleido as a partner for renovating and decorating ancient structures or building or luxury palaces from scratch.

To determine the price of the radiators, it is then essential to know the type of material used to build them: Caleido uses only carbon steel purchased from a certified chain, which allows to bring the product warranty to 5 years. The use of certified material allows Caleido to focus on specific customer needs and to meet their particular requirements, such as ad hoc or custom configurations, all gains that would hardly be possible (respecting the highest standards of quality ) if the attention to materials and the production process was not flawless.

While considering all the variables described above, for the purchase of its products, Caleido recommends to contact its retail stores, since they are able to assist each customer starting from the design, to recommend the most suitable product according to everyone's needs and to develop an economic proposal in line with the budget.