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The Caleido designer radiators are not mere functional products of, but true protagonists of the space, works to be installed in domestic environments, common areas, public places, hotels and spa.

Capable of adding value and beauty, the Caleido designer radiators offer genuine solutions for heating many different surfaces, adapting to the constraints and characteristics of the spaces.



235 rooms (188 standard and 45 suites), a presidential and a royal suite, all spread over ​​more than 30 thousand square meters in an area of ​​4273 square meters and a sign of prestige, the studio of architect Marco Piva.
The challenge is to bring the reception, which now covers the whole lot, to the old splendor, meeting the requirements of the owners and designers in search of balance between old and new, in a dynamic relationship of form, space and materials, and design.
The stylish building is now totally restored and renovated, creating a curtain of light steel and glass, a counterpoint to the full and triumphantly monumental forms of the 'historic' Gallia. 
The renovation and extension of the Hotel Excelsior Gallia, in the heart of Milan, is part of a wider process of urban redevelopment of Piazza Duca D'Aosta, after the recent conclusion of the modernization of the Central Station. 

Caleido has been selected by the Studio Marco Piva as a partner for the supply of designer radiators, to embellish the bathrooms in all the rooms of the prestigious hotel: the plate element (ICE Bagno), strongly supported by the owners and by the same architectural firm, was chosen for the characteristic polished metal reflecting plate with a mirror effect, as well as for the high integration capabilities with marble and other surfaces typical of bathroom environments. The plate is also available in pure or matt white finish.

Caleido also offers a unique technical solution, particularly popular in similar contexts: the small size (only 820mm in height) with one or two handles of the towel warmer is convincing for architects and designers, since it is well suited to the specific environment.





Positano (NA)

The hotel, once the residence of maestro Zeffirelli, is nestled in a garden on the Amalfi coast, south of Positano. A jewel which, during last century, was the destination of intellectuals, artists, athletes, looking for simple pleasures. Zeffirelli fell in love with it and bought it thirty years ago, turning it into a private set where to welcome friends, including several Hollywood stars.

15 dream suite overlooking one of the most admired landscapes at the international level, with attention to the smallest detail, personalized with highly original elements: a unique experience not to be missed.

The bathrooms have been enriched by the radiant plate element of Caleido design: simple, linear, mirror effect stainless steel, suitable to reflect the light distributing it inside the bathroom and allowing any visitor to mirror themselves full-length, a feature particularly appreciated, especially in large and non-linear bathroom environments.

In addition, the functional element highlighting the rigorous aesthetic of the product and allowing to hang towels and bathrobes taking advantage of the large size, stands out. 



San Vito dei Normanni (BR)

The Appartamento Lago, also known as Casa Mediterranea, is located in an old family building, dating back to the 18th Century. A typical Mediterranean house with thick walls whitewashed with lime, with spacious star and coach vaulted environments, with an internal courtyard shaded by citrus trees, it was subject to renovation to accommodate the new spaces of the project. 

Following the dictates of bioecological architecture, the materials used have low environmental impact, only local labor has been aemployed, and the renovation was carried out following traditional building techniques conjugated to testing of high performance products.

Strongly supported and realized by architect Angelica Longo, able to establish a network of partners and international products, the Appartamento Lago of Salento was the first in the South, thanks to the competition notice of the Puglia Region for the development of policies for young people, with the collaboration of Best Up and Slow Food.

The wider objective of the intervention on the building, that respects its formal and structural characteristics and is attentive to the environmental aspects, lies in the interior setting according to the criteria of Lcd (Life Cycle Design, or Design for the Environment - DfE) a design practice which, thanks to innovative techniques, allows for the developing of more sustainable products

Just by following this path, Caleido enters the new Appartamento Lago with some of its flagship products: Eternity, Ripple, Stone and some models of the Kharim Rashid Art Radiators collection, able to identify the most diverse environments, giving them a unique originality.

The element shared by all the furnishings is the inspiration from the world of nature, seen and interpreted by the various designers in a very different and, in the case of Rashid, very personal, way: shapes, colors, references to plant life and to the microcosms of nature, make these radiators veritable works of art.

The Appartamento Project was recently awarded the Adecco Festival delle Città Impresa prize, and it was included in the ADI Design Index 2011, the publication listing the best projects of the year that will participate in the selection for the Compasso d'Oro, the most important recognition of the industry in Italy.






A 4-star hotel in the outskirts of Milan, designed for business clients at an international level, it perfectly meets the requirements of maximum comfort demanded by customers. 

The Caleido product chosen is Oval: simple, practical, made with different finishes depending on the environment where it is set, it gives the bathroom environment maximum comfort and wellness.