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The slim line of Caleido designer radiators

Values ​​such as total quality, a high level of service, the search for an innovative yet functional  design, and respect for the environment - not only in the development of products with a low environmental impact, but also in all production processes – these values make Caleido an entrepreneurial excellence, and one of the leading ambassadors of Made in Italy heating systems throughout the world.
Caleido’s products are new in design and highly performing, but also consistent with the company's customer care philosophy.

ICE, Condor and Pavone are some of Caleido’s designer radiators which are representative of the brand as they are minimally invasive, with compact lines and high heat output.

ICE, a radiator from the DESIGN collection: the reduced thickness and footprint condensed to the bare minimum are the fundamental elements of this radiator, which is still among Caleido’s best sellers and which is equally suitable for living areas and bathrooms.

The radiator features a pure design, and is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes (vertical/horizontal). It is easy to install, with certified high performance. And for the bathroom version, there is a handy towel rail, making the ICE a successful radiator that is more relevant than ever.

PAVONE, a towel warmer from the I CLASSICI collection: Shape and function come together to make the PAVONE towel warmer suitable for both the home and for situations where limited space requires the use of a compact radiator.
Pavone is an element that becomes an elegant piece of furniture, with its round overlapping 25mm tubes spaced 50mm apart. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and finishes.

CONDOR DOUBLE, a radiator from the I CLASSICI collection: a unique shape, featuring thin vertical slats. It can be fixed to the wall or the floor, making it versatile to use and infinitely able to satisfy the most diverse requirements.

The Condor is particularly valued not only for its aesthetic appearance, but also for the high heat output and its compact design.
It is available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, finishes and plumbing connections.