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Ice Bagno steel radiators heat the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan

Caleido heats the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a prestigious icon of an elegant and sophisticated Milan.
The design and functionality of our studio’s steel radiators have won over the Milanese designer Marco Piva, who has chosen the ICE BAGNO to furnish the bathrooms of all the rooms at the prestigious hotel in Milan.

Ice Bagno is a plate element, and is equipped with towel-warming bars from the Fine Design collection. The elegant stainless steel mirror-effect version has been chosen to complement the beautiful marble and other superb surfaces featured in the bathrooms.  The radiator plate is also available in a pure white matte finish to perfectly complement and enhance the settings with a simple and elegant ambience.

235 rooms have been appointed with the most popular furnishings from the Caleido collections, and these are ideal for contract solutions thanks to an infinite range of sizes and combinations, finishes and ease of installation

Caleido has established itself as an entrepreneurial excellence and one of the leading ambassadors of ‘Made in Italy’ throughout the world.

Caleido’s mission is to design, build and provide designer radiators that fully express Italian taste and craftsmanship.