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Caleido, not just design but a wide product range guaranteed by the most important European certifications

Caleido has always paid great attention to the design phase, so that its products - whether they are radiators, towel warmers or bio-fireplaces - meet the highest standards in terms of efficiency and functionality. Besides the formal research into lines, the company is investing in technology to offer radiators in hot water, electric and mixed versions, for the best performance ever.

One of Caleido’s strongpoints is creating a versatile system that ensures a wide choice, for a radiator that fits in with your taste and your furnishing needs - not only aesthetically, but also on a technical level.

The hot water version consists of the installation of a radiator connected to a heating system which is powered by a boiler or a heat pump. The boiler usually heats water to a temperature of around 75°C, which goes into the radiator and then back into the boiler at around 65°C. The water flowing into the radiator is adjusted by an inlet valve, which is sometimes accompanied by a special thermostatic head, while water flowing out of the radiator is controlled by adjusting a retainer. The hot water radiators consist of collector pipes (usually two) and delivery pipes (from a minimum of 8-9 to a maximum of 70, depending on the diameter of the pipe).

Alongside the classic hot water solution is the electric version, chosen by the customer due to necessity or taste, which ensures long lasting and widespread heat. The electric radiator is equipped with a thermostat allowing it to reach optimized electrical consumption with high thermal output. The electric version is complete with a wall mounting kit, blanking plugs and either Class I or Class II electrical kit according to the laws in force in the country in which it is installed. Caleido believes it is essential to respond to different needs, keeping in consideration that each country has specific characteristics both from the point of view of installation and energy matters.

The mixed version radiators take full advantage of the radiator’s potential, according to requirements.

Where the UNI EN 442 logo appears, the heat outputs indicated by Caleido have been calculated in accordance with the European Union standard, which established the criteria of the technical institutes test chambers for Watt certification. The tests were performed at the laboratories of the Polytecnico di Milano, which certified the thermal outputs and verified the product quality with the highest European standards.

The radiators in the Design range are available in three versions: the Classics, Picchio and Zigolo for some sizes.


PICCHIO, The Classics
The 70mm plate overlapping vertical elements are the distinguishing features of this radiator. The Single and Double Picchio is available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, finishes and water connections, also in chrome (only in the single version). The triple version ensures a very high thermal performance: the radiator with 70mm plate overlapping vertical elements has three columns, but with compact dimensions.

An elegant vertical 70mm plate which acts as a frame for a real mirror, the Picchio single-double-chrome mirror is ideal for an entrance or hallway. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, also in chrome (only in the single version).