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Barocco, the classic cast-iron designer radiator

Blending design and style with utility and efficiency is what Caleido is good at. The Decorative radiators have evolved continuously into various collections of state-of-the-art items that add a touch of class to any domestic setting.

A good example is Barocco, a cast-iron radiator in the Classici collection marking a return to neoclassicism and the Belle Époque, but in a more contemporary key.

Barocco is made entirely of cast iron and comes with two or three columns, decorated or plain. An elegant radiator with a strong personality that is ideal for renovated historic buildings, farmhouses and villas, yet also a good choice in more modern settings to create an effective contrast of refinement and sobriety.

Available in cast-iron grey or white, with valves in pure retro style on request.

This evolved radiator by Caleido features a decorative design that makes a bold statement in terms of furnishing and interior design.