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Bio-fireplaces Prices

The prices of the Caleido bio-fireplaces are determined by several variables and, because of the function they assume in the domestic environment, they have a particular characteristic, which affects the economic value.

The bio-fireplaces prices are heavily influenced by their designer component, which, as is the case with all the Caleido products, is one of the most obvious elements distinguishing the collections, whether it be a radiator, a towel warmer or, indeed, a bio-fireplace.

Bio-fireplaces are objects formed by a brazier, whose combustion takes place at around 400°C and does not release toxic substances, harmful to the environment or to humans, as well as by other decorative elements, since they do not need a chimney to discharge the substances resulting from the combustion and not even a system for supplying the fuel.

The fuel itself is composed of raw materials of vegetable origin and transformed into bioethanol through natural modes of transformation, such as the alcoholic fermentation and subsequent distillation.

Clean and, in short, simple, objects, but in need of great care in the design stage, to be environmentally friendly and completely harmless to humans.


Returning to the design of the Caleido bio-fireplaces, the originality of the forms, the unusual design and the ability to be placed in a context of fine furnishings have a significant impact on the design and production cost of the object, and then, necessarily, on the final price.

That is exactly what makes the Caleido bio-fireplaces unique items, highly representative of the creativity of the designers who design the products; they are furnishings elements, versatile and multi-functional in every environment, whether domestic or not, and they become a point of reference to meet the needs of any customers who want to see their environments decorated with taste, beauty and functionality.

One of the reasons making the bio-fireplaces furnishing elements rather than objects primarily meant for space heating, is their relatively low thermal capacity.

Bio-fireplaces are, in fact, an ideal supplement for homes, restaurants, offices and commercial premises, as long as they are used only as a supplementary heating source to another main source of heat.

The thermal capacity of bio-fireplaces is high, if we consider that the heat, not being suctioned from a chimney, is stored completely within the environment where they are placed and there are no leaks to the outside, but it is still low if is compared with the thermal performance of normal radiators.

For this reason, the installation of a Caleido bio-fireplace is recommended to those customers who wish to take advantage of an ecological, safe and inexpensive in terms of consumption heat source, but who, at the same time, love to have, in their home, a beautiful object from the point of view of the design and exclusivity.

Another element determining, even if to a lesser extent, the price of bio-fireplaces is definitely the very high standard of safety of these objects. As already mentioned, bio-fireplaces do not need either a chimney, or a supply system for the fuel, in addition to not requiring the presence of a technician to put them into operation or inspect them.

For this reason, they must be designed, built, and sold after a thorough safety testing process, which, in the case of Caleido bio-fireplaces, is certified.

In particular, Caleido can boast of having passed strict safety tests, as well as of having designed products that meet the latest European safety standards (TUV SUD of Monaco of Bavaria).

For the purchase of its products, Caleido recommends to contact the retail stores, which can assist each customer starting from the design, and recommend the most suitable product according to everyone's needs, as well as develop an economic proposal in line with every budget.